To truly thrive
 the key is...
in your BRAIN

In order to effectively:

  • Integrate new information quickly and learn from previous experiences

  • Make solid, constructive decisions

  • Communicate effectively, respectfully and with compassion

  • Be able to focus, concentrate, plan and carry through your goals to completion

  • Feel joy, peace and ease 

  • Handle stress constructively and have emotional resilience

  • Have the capacity for deep meditation, spiritual opening and access to flow states

  • And more...

                               you need an optimally functioning brain.



      If you are having difficulty navigating everyday life and unable to rise above  merely striving for survival, it's important to look back and see how you got to be where you are now. You may  have learned suboptimal patterns of coping and relating during your formative years; or used substances that left their mark in your brain; or have genetics that make you vulnerable to anxiety, depression and/or learning difficulties; or may have a diet deficient in brain-supportive nutrients.... Or, you may have experienced childhood trauma, a head injury, exposure to toxic substances, chronic stress,  or a variety of other insults.

      What's most important is to see what keeps you stuck in self-sabotage or suboptimal function, and  know that because the brain is pliable and capable of recovery, there are now novel tools that can help you break free from these patterns - even many that were previously seen as fixed problems and indelible scars.

      Profound transformation is possible through the use of neurotherapy, rahanni healing and body-centered trauma work in the context of a functional medicine  supportive framework.  I have witnessed this in my loved ones and clients and have experienced it myself.

       Moreover, in these times of turbulent change where the stakes are high for surviving as a race on this planet, I believe it is paramount that we each devote some focus and effort into becoming better versions of ourselves  to be better able to contribute towards a more sustainable life on this planet for all.