Rahanni healing is similar to other energy healing modalities like Reiki.

      The difference is that  Rahanni is unconditional love energy that appears to have become available to Earth recently for stewarding the transformation called for in these times of chaos and profound change. It is useful for accessing the emotional/energetic root causes of stuck patterns thereby helping you to restructure them.

      During a session, the work is done mostly at a short distance over the body with only occasional brief light touch.  You may feel tingling or heat, or see images, feel emotions or a variety of body sensations. Each experience is different, but, most commonly, people feel   profoundly relaxed, supported and serene.

      The ripples of a session are commonly felt days and weeks afterwards through healing dreams, serendipitous coincidences, sudden insights and watershed moments which you can apply through concrete choices and actions for transcendent transformation. 

      Rahanni can be offered remotely.

Reiki Treatment