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This is necessary before starting with brain training. It is a time to do a detailed functional medicine assessment to determine what systems in your body need support and what would be the best way to support them. We look at your health history, goals , diet, habits, and readiness to follow through in order to maximize your brain training results (and general health). Based on this, I may make habit, dietary and supplement recommendations and/or refer to other appropriate practitioners that can help support your needs. 


(neurostimulation and neurofeedback)

To begin, we need an initial consultation to determine if neurotherapy is the right fit for you. Once that has been determined and we are both comfortable with embarking on this journey together, the process starts with collecting some data on the electrical pattern of your brain’s function. This is called a “brain map” and gives us an informed starting point to begin the training. Once we know this, we begin training two to three times per week (or more). The frequency depends on the nature and severity of your condition and your goals. At least initially, training less than once per week does not produce reliable results. Over time, we can reduce the frequency of training until your  brain is behaving in the desired way, reliably and sustainably. Generally, for entrenched problems, in order to have lasting results you should plan on doing 30-60 sessions though results are noticeable starting with 10-15 sessions.

For more information about neurotherapy see here.

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(Rahanni and Body-centered Trauma Work)

Reiki Treatment

We'll begin with a short discussion about what is at the forefront of your life at the moment and what your intention is for the session. That will help me tailor the session to your needs. Whether you are wanting a rahanni healing session , or  body-centered trauma work,  you'll relax on the table as I hold a safe and sacred space for you to begin the inward journey.